Ram units are placed near your fryer to dispense completely frozen, ready-to-go cook portions on demand. There are three units to choose from. The R160 holds 2 baskets. The R200 holds 6 baskets and the R280 holds 8 baskets. The benefits of obtaining a Ram frozen food dispenser:

  1. Improves product quality.
  2. Ensure precise cook times.
  3. Limits handling of product and promotes food safety.
  4. Slows oil degradation from excess moisture.
  5. Maintains FIFO for freshness and keeps the frozen food at the proper temperature.

Delight your customers with speedy service, delicious products, and your staff members with easy-to-use units.

Our certified technicians have your back for any unit repairs and will ensure your unit runs efficiently. Call for service at 303.825.0171 or email service@rockymountainsdistributing.com. For more information, visit our website at https://rockymountainsdistributing.com/manufacturers/.