Taylor Company is a worldwide manufacturer of foodservice equipment with unparalleled service.

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Highest Quality Products

We offer new and pre-owned equipment, as well as supplies and mixes.

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We offer our personal guarantee because we carry only the highest quality products on the market.

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Rocky Mountains Distributing stands behind every product we sell.

Soft Serve Ice Cream & Shakes

Offer your customers delicious soft serve, milkshakes, and custard.

Precise Two – Sided Grills

Cook food easily with pre-set temperatures, programmable cook times

Frozen Drinks & Cocktails

With a Taylor® frozen beverages, you can feature something for every taste

Taylor Company

Taylor Company is the premier global manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment, distinguished by our commitment to world-class service. Renowned for our pioneering frozen beverage machines and blending systems, Taylor offers the best soft-serve machines and innovative two-sided grills.

With Taylor, confidence in superior equipment is just the beginning. Our customers can rely on world-class customer service, comprehensive staff training, and expansive Worldwide Distributor Network support. Our dedicated team ensures that you not only receive the best service but also benefit from tailored business solutions and invaluable insights into market and consumer trends, empowering your business to thrive.

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