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Unparalelled service and factory fresh parts to keep your equipment running.


Rocky Mountains Distributing’s professional service department offers repair service 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

RMD currently has over 10 Taylor Company factory certified trained technicians on the road within our territory.

All of our full-service technicians are factory trained and refrigeration certified.

On-going training is conducted throughout the year to keep our skills up to date.

Our management team reviews each technician’s performance weekly.

The dispatch office is able to keep in touch with our field service technicians by using the latest in digital technology.

Our staff of professionally trained technicians are on-call to assist over the phone and after hours when necessary.

Emergency service or telephone troubleshooting can be reached simply by dialing our 800-758-1038.

Each of our service vehicles carries a standard stock of replacement parts, which are replenished daily.


Our parts department personnel are factory-trained professionals who utilize state-of-the-art computer and communications tools to provide instant information and precise stock control.

Our parts department stocks over $ .5M in spare parts inventory

Our genuine parts stock is replenished daily.

We offer an automatic “Tune Up Kit Program” for your Taylor Freezer. The factory recommends replacing your rubber sealed and bearings every 3 months, plastic blades every 3 months, and brush kit every 6 to 12 months. Sanitizer and lube can also be added to your auto shipment. Their arrival is your reminder that your equipment needs a “tune-up.”

After hours parts service is also available.

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance programs are designed to reduce wear and tear on your equipment and limit costly repairs. Similar to oil changes and tune-ups on automobiles, preventive maintenance is both necessary and reasonably inexpensive. The benefits of being enrolled in a “Preventive Maintenance Program” include:

More equipment uptime and increased capacity

Better product yields and increased sales

Longer lifetimes for costly components like beater motors, compressors and beater assemblies

Higher quality product output for your customers’ enjoyment

The program requires replacement of rubber seals and bearings every three to four months, depending on the equipment type and use. By not replacing these components regularly, you risk damage to the beater motor, compressor and other expensive components. Replacement of scraper blades is also a necessary part of any effective “Preventive Maintenance Program”

Stera Sheen

Stera Sheen is a non- caustic, hi-temp grill surface cleaner that will change the way you clean! The formula is created to clean hot services (275-325 degrees F) and there is no need to shut off your equipment while using this cleaner. Stera Sheen will not scratch or produce unsafe fumes when used. It is safe to clean on steel and aluminum and is great for any flat grills or griddles. With an easy application using a spray bottle, the thick formula clings to the grill for improved cleaning results.

Stera Sheen is effective after one use. Each cleaning requires minimum product and labor. Stera Sheen will help maintain food safety, product quality, consistency, and overall benefit the customers’ food experience with your restaurant! The formula complies with G.R.A.S. standards, which means that the cleaner is considered safe for incidental food contact.

There’s 7 easy steps to clean the grill, those are:

  1. Set the grill temperature to 275-325 degrees.
  2. Pour 2-3 oz of Stera Sheen grill cleaner across the grill.
  3. Evenly spread the grill cleaner with the provided grill pad holder or high temperature grill brush.
  4. Let the heat do the work and allow the product to sit for 20-30 seconds.
  5. Pull the product off the grill with the provided high temperature grill squeegee.
  6. Wipe down grill with a wet towel.
  7. Season grill before cooking.

Service Programs to Meet Your Needs

How can we help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape in order maximize uptime and profit?

Equipment Refurbishing

Our expert technicians refurbish your equipment with genuine parts, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Complete Rebuilds

If your equipment isn’t running properly we can completely rebuild it and replace worn out and malfunctioning parts!

Steam Cleaning

Let us clean your machine to make it shine like new. Clean machines produce less heat and operate more efficiently.

Extended Warranties

We can warranty your equipment and cover the cost of repairs and maintenance along with guarantees for our work!

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