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Our professional service department offers repair service 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Our parts department personnel are factory-trained professionals who utilize state-of-the-art computer and communications tools to provide instant information and precise stock control.

Here is what you need to know about the manufacturers!

Taylor C612 Soft Serve and Shake Freezer

Taylor Company is known around the world as the gold standard in commercial soft serve, frozen beverage and commercial griddles. We create equipment to meet the needs of today’s busiest foodservice operations, and we’re here to help you at every turn.


-Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Freezers: C612, C152, C706, C707, C708, C709, 0702, 8752

– Milkshake Freezers: 428, 430, 441, 490, C612, C708SHK, 358

-Smoothie Freezers: 390, 428, 430, 441, 490, 340

-Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) Slush Freezers: 349, C300, C302, C303, C314

-FrozenUncarbonated Beverage (FUB) Slush Freezers: 340, 342, 390, 428, 430

-Frozen Cocktail Freezers: 340, 342, 390, 428, 430, 432, C300 FAB Zamboozy, RD30

-Batch Freezers: 104, C002, C043

-Commercial Grills: L811, L812, L813, L819, L820, L828, L810

Silver Plus Series Fryers

ANETS entered the foodservice equipment industry with the introduction of its first thermostatically-controlled counter fryer.

ANETS has developed numerous other product firsts, including automatic lifts on gas fryers, automated production tables, pyrolytic self-cleaning char-broilers, and many more.

Anets offers Fryers, pasta cookers, and fryer filteration/ accessories. 

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Sangria Craft Frozen Cocktail Mix

Designed for mixologists, Blackbird Specialty Beverage Mixes are developed using premium, organic, and natural ingredients—proudly bottled by the Itaberco family in Baltimore, Maryland. Without compromising ingredients and flavors, Blackbird mixes are shelf-stable, concentrated cocktail syrups designed for offering frozen craft cocktails. From Frosé to Bitters, Blackbird offers a spectrum of flavor profiles that guarantee mixologists consistency with every blend.


-Sangria-Frose-Bitters-Spicy Margarita-Margarita-Mojito-Citrus-Pina Colada-Ginger-Neutral


Heavy Duty Combi Oven

Blodgett Combi Ovens can get you the best results from your recipes every time. There are so many accessories and settings that menu creativity is never-ending.




-Heavy duty


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Bluezone Model 450 Tower

Bluezone by Middleby Model 450 makes indoor spaces safe again with patented, ultraviolet air cleaning technology that kills up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air, including SARS-CoV-2 (corona-virus). Air is pulled into a chamber, is scrubbed of contaminants, and purifi ed air is returned to the space. The CDC and FDA recommend this type of technology for being effective against airborne transmission.


-UVC Air Purification System: Model 450

-UV Food Preservation System: Model 2400


Bras equipment are universal machines that make products, cold and hot, including ice cream, chilled desserts, creams, sherbet, granitas, drinks, natural beverages, cocktails, chocolate, soluble products, fillings, and toppings.


-IS- Cream: Modern and innovative, it can be used to offer your customers ice cream with a firm consistency as well as a wide range of new products.

-B-Cream HD: The new machine for preparing smoothies and ice cream.

-B-Frozen Digital: Is the new reference point in the drink dispenser market.

-B-Frozen Smart: Is the new born Bras dispenser for slush, sherbet, yogurt, and cold cream.

-B-Cube: The smallest and most reliable distributor of cold creams, granitas and sorbets.

-Atlas: The ideal when sales volumes are very high and concentrated in a short space of time.

-Maestrale Jolly: Models designed to cool and dispense delicate non-carbonated drinks.

-Maestrale Extra: Counter top dispensers to cool and dispense non-carbonated drinks.

-FBM: Granita dispenser for making dispensing granita and other chilled drinks such as sherbets, cocktails and cold creams.

-Turia: Dispensers designed to cool and mix drinks.

-Sirocco: Dispenser designed for mixing and preparing.

-B-Express: The best design for your business with coffee drinks.

-B-cube HOT: Small and elegant for fillings, toppings and hot drinks.

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Broaster 1600 Pressure Fryer

Broasters line of pressure fryers, prep stations and merchandisers, Broaster Equipment offers all the supplies and back-of-house materials operators need to get started.



-Pressure Fryers

-Ventless Countertop Fryers With SmartTouch

-Merchandisers Deli Cases

-Accessory Equipment





-Cooking Oils


-Frozen Foods 

PUC Self-Serve Automation Heated

and Ambient Locker Cabinets

Carter- Hoffman produces technology advanced, automated self-serve commerical holding cabinets to keep your food warm and fresh. They also offer mobile equipment for food storage purposes.



-GardenChef/ TenderChef

-Modular Holding Cabinets

-Crisp ‘N Hold Fried Food Stations

-Specialty Holding Products

-hotLOGIX and VaporPro Heating Holding

-Door-Free & Roll-In Holding Cabinets

-Cook and Hold Cabinets

-Hospitality Series Patient Tray Carts

-Dispensers and Tray Make-Up

-Banquet Carts

-Heated Holding & Transport Carts

-Mobile Refrigerators

-Banquet Support Equipment

-Plate Holding Dispensing

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Super Automatic Espresso Machine/ Xpress

Concordia’s founding engineers invented the modern one-button, bean-to-cup Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine that can grind, brew, and steam milk as a professional Barista does.


-Super Automatic Espresso Machine/ Xpress in Models X0 & X6

-Super Automatic Espresso Machine/ Integra in Models I0, I1, & 14

-Super Automatic Coffee Machine/ Ascent Touch 

-Super  Automatic Espresso Machine/ Xpress Touch in Models XT0 & XT6

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Cool Chiller offers delicious soft serve and frozen carbornated beverage product.


-Soft Serve: Vanilla and Chocolate

-Slushies: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Mountain Mist, and Coca-Cola.

What is Dole Soft Serve Mix? It’s a dry soft serve mix that makes it fast and easy for you to whip up better-for-you treats with a variety of dairy-free true-to-fruit fruit flavors, including










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Desmon is professional refridgeration equipment. They carry over 300 models of blast chillers and walk-in refridgeration. Desmon is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, and our production plants have been declared environmentally friendly


-Single Door up to 4 Door

Part of the Middleby Corporation.

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Ventless Grill

Evo cooktops are recognized for cooking versatility, distinct design, quality construction, and above all else, creating a social space around fresh-prepared food.


-EVent Ventless Griddle 

-Elevation 40E Electric Plancha 

-Centric 20E Indoor Electric Cooktop

-Professional Outdoor Gas Grill

-Affinity Presentation Cooktop

-EVent Teppan Ventless Griddle 

-Residential Grills

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The Flavor Burst system is a revolutionary add-on that allows you to add 4, 8, or 16 different flavors to your lineup, without adding freezers to your kitchen.


-Soft Serve Flavor Burst: CTP 40SS-JR, CTP 80SS, CTP 80SS-DLX, CTP 80SS-INT, CTP 80SS-INT-2S

-Soft Serve Flavor Blend: CTP 40BLD-JR, CTP80BLD, CTP80BLD-DLX, CTP80BLD-INT, CTP80BLD-INT-2S

-Shakes & Beverages: CTP 40BEV-JR, CTP 80BEV, CTP 80BEV-DLX, CTP 80BEV-INT, CTP 80BEV-INT-2S

-Frozen Carbonated Beverages (FCB): ADPT TY80S-FCB1-CTP, CTP 40FCD-JR, CTP 80FCB-DLX, CTP 80FCB-INT, CTP 80FCB-INT-2S

                          Kiss 3 Vertical Touch

Frigomat designs and produces ice cream machines. They also provide technical and sales training programs.




-Ageing Vat

-Batch Freezers

-Machines For Fresh Gelato

-Combined Machines

-Cream Cookers

-Cream Whippers

-Soft Ice Cream Machines

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Frostline offers soft serve mixes, frozen yogurt mixes, and frozen beverage mixes for a range of operations.


Soft Serve Mixes:

-Chocolate-Vanilla-Blue Cookie Dough -Pumpkin Spice-Salted Caramel -Birthday Cake -Pink Cotton Candy

Frozen Yogurt:




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Hydra Rinse provides an environmentally-friendly process to clean your soft serve machine in half the time it takes to manually clean it and standardizes the process so it’s ultra clean, every time.


-LEXX Liquid Sanitizer and Cleaner Concentrate Cups

-LEXX Liquid Sanitizer and Cleaner Concentrate

-Portable Wandstation

-Hydra Rinse Wipes

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Icetro is a global leader in ice machines and dispensers, as well as soft serve ice cream equipment and slush dispensers for commercial foodservice. ICETRO has accumulated “Know-How” experience in the refrigeration technology and strategically positioned itself as a leading provider of frozen food equipment company in South Korea. The word “MAESTRO” symbolizes a distinguished conductor of an orchestra who creates a beautiful harmony between music and the audience. 

Instant Burger cooks great tasting burgers and other food products evenly without flipping or splattering grease.

Direct Energy Transfer cooks from the inside, unlike conventional grills, griddles and ovens, which use heat to cook from the outside. Pre-cooking and end-of-day waste are eliminated with Instant Burger. Foods are cooked without adding additional heat to your foodservice area.

Its compact and attractive stainless steel design is ideal for front of the house cooking.

With its safe and simple operation and automatic shut off, Instant Burger saves labor by providing employees with additional time to focus on other tasks.

Menu items in addition to burgers can be cooked in the Instant Burger, giving you the ability to expand your offerings.

Instant Burger operates without the need of expensive venting and uses only a 120 volt, 30 dedicated electrical circuit, conserving energy and saving you money!

Instant Burger can be easily cleaned immediately after cooking with no waiting for plates to cool. Both plates can be cleaned by removing them and immersing them in water.

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Soft Serve Custard Vinalla Mix

Itaberco’s core mixes range from a concentrated recipe to a complete pre-measured and ready-to-use solution. With the variety of bases that Itaberco provides, customers are offered the flexibility to select the product that works best for their staff and operation. 

Ingredients for soft- serve, gelato, sorbetto, pastries, frozen yogurt, specialty drinks, flavors and other desserts!


-Soft Serve Mix: Chocolate, Diary-Free, Neutral, Vanilla, Acai, Sugar Free, and Dairy Alternative

-Custard Mix: Chocolate, Neutral, Vanilla

-57 Flavor Compounds to add to a neutral base mix

                   SB21 Frozen Beverage Blender

MagnaBlend boasts an incredible, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 9-second blend time. Everything about this industrial blender is designed to help your staff move quickly and efficiently. Nothing moves your operation faster.

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Marsal has been manufacturing restaurant equipment that has revolutionized the pizza industry. Marsal’s exclusive left-to-right burner design and 2″ thick brick cooking surface creates the most even bake and dependable product for any pizza maker. No down time, no need to rotate pies. Rest assured that you will have the quickest, crispiest, most dependable bake from our products.

Marsal Ovens’ mission is to produce the highest-quality pizza ovens for the foodservice industry. Marsal is committed to be the innovator of pizza ovens and to constantly improve the product designs as well as the ability to meet the needs of the industry.


-MB Series

-SD Series

-Slice Ovens

-WF Series

-CT Series

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Solstice Gas Fryer

Pitco specializes in fryers but offers a variety of other equipment and accesories.


-Rov Gas Fryers

-Solstice Supreme Gas Fryers

-Solstice Gas Fryers

-Economy Gas Fryers

-Rov Electric Fryers

-Solstice Electric Fryers

-Economy Electric Fryers

-Pasta Cookers


Part of the Middleby Corporation.

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Ram Model R280

Placed near your fryer, a RAM system dispenses completely frozen, ready-to-cook portions on demand.


-Frozen Food Dispenser: R160 R200, R280

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Introducing Rock County Smokehouse, your own neighborhood BBQ smokehouse. Now you can feature a variety of fresh meats from ribs to pulled pork to tender and juicy brisket. Seasoned to perfection with a proprietary rub of blended spices. Smoked in-house to satisfy all the senses. And topped with the scrumptious sauces customers love.

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This amazing Smokaroma combines unique pressure cooking with smoking so you can cook up to 45 pounds of product in just under an hour. The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker helps you create a variety of tender and juicy smoked foods that expands your ent and builds your business.

Compared to costly traditional pits that require constant attention, Smokaroma eliminates the need for continuous turning and basting to save both time and labor. And while regular smoking dries meat, pressure smoking locks in the juices and can reduce product shrinkage by up to 40% or more.

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Synesso produces commerical espresso machines. Synesso is perfect for high volume or low voulme shops/ bars, speciality cafes curating unique beans and creative drinks, and the units are reliable, reparabile, and have a long-term value for owners.



-MVP Hydra

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Double Batch Model

Plexor Automated

TurboChef rapidly cook productsa in their commerical ovens utilizing top and/or bottom air impingement assisted by precise bursts of RF energy to decrease cook times by more than 80% without compromising quality.


-Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens: Plexor, Bullet, Bullet Marine, ECO, ECO El Bandido Panini Press, ECO ST, ECO ST El Bandido Panini Press, El Bandido, i3, i5, Panini (1), Sota, Sota (i1) Marine Rapid

-Ventless High-Speed Conveyor: High h 618, High h 1618 Marine, High h 2020, High h 2020 Marine, High h 2620, High h 2620 Marine

-Ventless High-Speed Impingement Ovens: Plexor Automated, Double Batch, Double Batch Marine Impingement, Fire Artisan Pizza, Fire Marine Artisan Pizza, Single Batch, and Single Batch Marine Impingement

-Ventless Automation: Plexor Automated

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U-Line distributes premium modular refrigeration, ice making, and wine preservation market.

U-Line creates products focused on functionality, style, and inspired innovations. Applications include residential, outdoor, ADA height compliant, and marine. Complete product categories include Wine Captain Models, Beverage Centers, Nugget Ice Machines, Clear Ice Machines, Crescent Ice Makers, Glass and Solid Door Refrigerators, Drawer Models, Freezers, and Combo Models.

Our advanced refrigeration systems, large and flexible capacities, and clean integrated look allow you to preserve the right product, in the right place, at the right temperature. U-Line is apart of MiddleBy.

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Ultra-Gold P30-18 Gas Fryer Series


Ultrafryer is committed to partnering with you to create the best tasting food on the planet. When you purchase an Ultrafryer, you are investing in the foodservice industry’s most powerful, reliable, and cost-effective deep frying solution. Its user friendly features make it easy to deliver the consistently superior fried foods your customers demand, every time.

Ultrafryer offers, gas, electric and rethermalizers.

Join us for every delicious bite – and give it a fry!

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Zumex Versatile Pro

Zumex is professional self-serve commerical equipment for squeezing citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables in places such as restaurants, bars, cafes or bakeries.




-Essential Pro

-Versatile Pro

-Speed Pro

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