Plexor by Turbo Chef is a 3 in 1 cooking appliance that can be mixed or matched with 3 advanced cooking technologies controlled by one user interface. Plexor automatically cooks an entire menu to perfection quickly. A benefit of an ever-changing menu at your establishment is that the menu system can be easily reconfigured whenever! The unit is ventless and improves the quality of cooking. The unit has an automated loading and unloading system. Plexor raises the bar for food quality and efficiency!

Mix and match any oven! You can do up to three impingement ovens, up to three rapid cook ovens, up to three convention ovens, or and combination of three ovens. Choose any customized three ovens that best fit your operation!

In this example, oven functions and meals that can be cooked are as listed below.

  • The first oven is an impingement oven that optimizes high speed convection and is perfect for baking and roasting.
  • The second oven is a rapid cook oven that has a dual blower air impingement and is perfect for pizza, salmon, chicken and more.
  • The third oven is a convention oven that is designed for superior rapid cooking which is perfect for drive through items such as sandwiches.

Just select what you would like to cook, and press start. The automated system will perfectly cook product every time and is immediately plate ready! Not to mention, this unit saves energy! You’ll need less equipment, cooking space, training time, power outlets, and cook time per meal!


With Plexor being so user-friendly it is easy and fast to train existing or new staff members! For more information, please contact 800.758.1038 or visit