Change the way you prepare fried foods with Pitco by Middleby! Pitco’s evolutionary design will deliver high quality fried foods every time. Pitco commercial restaurant equipment has leading technology with sensors that won’t let frozen foods impact oil temperatures. With the option of adding a multi-linguistic Infinity Touch Controller, operating and services Pitco fryers is easy. Pitco fryers have large drain lines that allow safe filtration when staff members empty dirty oil. Pitco fryers will reduce oil volume for less waste. Not to mention, Pitco fryers are sustainable, energy saving, and will last years. Pitco fryers have been awarded “Best in Class” in 2017 for their freestanding floor fryers.

If you are interested in buying a Middleby Line, Pitco has fast and flexible financing. Payments can be made once a month if you choose. On Pitco’s website it’s easy to find the fryer that best fits your operation. They offer a Pitco fryer selection tool to navigate your perfect fryer fit.

Pitco does not only offer gas or electric fryers, but they also offer specialty products, filtration and oil handling, water cookers, and accessories. Specialty products include flat bottom fryers, megafry fryers, countertop fryers, rack fryers, and holding mechanisms. For filtration and oil handling they offer oil reclamation, built-on filtration, portable filtration system and fat vat. Water cookers include pasta cookers and dethermalizers. Lastly, Pitco has accessories. Pitco offers a wide range of accessories that are easy to order. Those accessories are cleaners, screens, filter paper, splash guards, tank covers, dump stations, casters, controls, and baskets.  Pitco also takes pride in being a veteran friendly business.

Rocky Mountains Distributing services warranty and non-warranty Pitco fryers! We also carry Pitco parts at our RMD warehouse. For more information, email or call 800.758.1038.