We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our lineup at Rocky Mountains Distributing: Icetro America. With over four decades of experience in the food service industry, Icetro stands out as a global leader in ice machines, soft serve machines, and slush dispensers. Middleby acquired Icetro in 2022 growing their portfolio of food service equipment. We are proud to partner with Icetro and Middleby by providing lifelong sales and world-class service to new Icetro customers! We wanted to share why we’ve partnered with such an outstanding manufacturer.

Exceptional Affordability and Quality
Experience top-notch quality at a budget-friendly price with Icetro. Despite its lower price point, Icetro America maintains high-quality standards, making it the ideal choice for those seeking affordable and user-friendly ice, soft serve, or slush machines.

Ease of Maintenance
Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with Icetro’s easy-to-clean machines, reducing downtime and ownership costs.

Reliability Through Premium Materials
Invest with confidence as Icetro constructs its machines using high-quality materials like 304 stainless steel and robust ABS plastic, ensuring durability and reliability in all operating conditions.

Efficient 3-Way Ventilation System
Unique to Icetro modular ice machines, the 3-way ventilation system ensures maximum efficiency and minimal noise, offering superior location flexibility. You can download our Icetro ice machine catalog to see Icetro’s offerings including modular ice machines, nugget ice makers, pebble ice makers, under counter ice makers, and home ice makers!

User-Friendly Design
Icetro machines feature intuitive control panels and flexible numeric displays for easy operation and maintenance. Error indication through flashing lights and specific error codes on the display further streamline troubleshooting. 

Machine Warranties
Every Icetro machine comes with a warranty upon purchase, providing you with peace of mind for any potential issues that may arise with your machine.

Icetro Ice Machine Warranty

Undercounter ice machines and modular ice machines:

·      3 years parts and labor

·      Evaporator: 5 years parts and labor

·      Compressor: 5 years parts and 3 years labor

Flake ice machine, nugget/pebble/pellet ice maker, and ice machine dispensers:

·      3 years parts and labor

·      Compressor: 5 years parts and 3 years labor

Icetro storage bins:

·      3 years parts and labor

Home ice maker warranty:

·      1-year parts and labor

Icetro ice dispenser warranty:

·     3 years parts and labor

·     Compressor: 5 years parts and 3 years labor

Icetro Soft Serve Machine Warranty

·     1-year parts and labor

·     Compressor: 5 years parts and 3 years labor

Icetro Slush Machine Warranty

·     1-year parts and labor

Flexible Leasing Options
If you aren’t sure about a purchase, we have a leasing program. You can lease Icetro machines, including ice machines and dispensers, soft serve, and slush machines, offering cost-effectiveness and flexibility. We also have a rent-to-purchase program as well through our partners at Geneva Capital who can assist you with this.

Icetro Tech Support
As an Icetro distributor, Rocky Mountains Distributing is certified to provide service to your Icetro machines! We have field service technicians trained to work on Icetro soft ice cream machines, Icetro slush machines, and Icetro ice makers. Call our service line if you need to schedule a service call or talk to one of our techs to try and troubleshoot issues over the phone.

Financing Solutions
Partnering with Icetro, Rocky Mountains Distributing is committed to providing exceptional machines along with unparalleled customer support. With financing solutions from Geneva Capital, getting your machines up and running quickly and easily is now more accessible than ever. Apply today!

Elevate your business with the unbeatable combination of affordability, quality, and support offered by Icetro America. Download our Icetro catalog below to see Icetro ice makers, Icetro ice cream machines, and Icetro slush dispensers. If you have specific questions about the products, contact our sales team today! Your path to superior food service solutions begins here!