Welcome to Rocky Mountains Distributing, your premier destination for top-quality commercial restaurant equipment. Our extensive range includes everything from soft-serve ice cream machines and grills to frozen beverage dispensers. We take pride in offering the best in the business, and one of our standout additions is the distinguished Italian brand, Frigomat. Renowned for over 50 years in the industry, Frigomat, based in Italy, has captured hearts worldwide with its focus on artisanal ice cream, pastries, and, of course, gelato.

Why Frigomat?
At the heart of Frigomat’s offerings are batch heat treatment machines, batch freezer machines, and innovative combination machines, each tailored to meet varying business needs. Dive into the excellence of Frigomat’s notable features, ensuring you make the perfect choice for your establishment: 

  1. Batch Heat Treatment Machines:
  • Enjoy three automatic heat cycles.
  • Automatic preservation cycle at 39°F.
  • Automatic no-frost function with cycle restart in case of electrical failure.
  • Baine-marie system reaching up to 221°F.

Explore models CH03, CH04, and CH05 for more specific details about each model.

light pink gelato in a bowl from above

  1. Batch Freezer Machines:
  • Benefit from 4-6 freezing programs (model-dependent).
  • Variable batch sizes, producing 1 to 6.8 quarts of liquid mix.
  • Easy installation with a compact design, making it a smart investment.

Explore models C122, C119, C118, C117, C116, C153, and C125 for more specific details about each model. 

  1. Combination Machines:
  • Unleash the power of dual functionality with both batch freezer and heat treatment systems.
  • Create a diverse range of products, including gelato, ice cream, sorbet, granita, mousse, custard, syrups, puddings, and more.
  • Two barrels – a vertical heater and a horizontal freezer – offer unparalleled versatility.
  • Enjoy the convenience of three heating programs and four freezing programs, allowing for customized production.

Explore models C136, C137, C138, C144, C145, and C146 for more specific details about each model.

One of the standout features of Frigomat combination machines is the ability to empty the heater quickly with the transfer tap, without interrupting the freezer mid-process.

gelato bins top view

Why Choose Frigomat?

  • Produce and sell the highest quality gourmet gelato.
  • Find the perfect machine within your budget with assistance from our dedicated sales team.
  • Benefit from the versatility and efficiency of Frigomat’s technology.

Elevate your frozen dessert business with Frigomat. Contact us today for more details, profit calculators, and personalized assistance. Let us help you make a sound investment in the future of your business!