RMD would like to showcase the importance of our mission statement. We are committed to helping customers thrive by providing one-stop, lifelong sales, and uncompromising service. We will always do our best to ensure the customers’ needs are met and we are constantly finding new ways to improve the process for the better of our customers.

When representing our company and customers, we hold ourselves accountable for our 5 core values. Here is what our core values mean to us!

Defining our core values:

  • Hungry: We are eager to do our best. Sense of urgency.
  • Customer- focused: We will passionately go the extra mile to make people’s lives a little better and a little easier. Plus 1 service.
  • Team: We are selfless and patient with others.
  • Spark: We are positive, genuine, friendly, enjoyable, and respectful.
  • Innovation: Striving towards excellence by fresh, clever, imaginative, and resourceful thinking. Moving RMD forward with new ideas. Visionary.

Finally, our Sundown Rule.

The Sundown Rule is what makes RMD unique. It means that we strive to answer requests by the close of the business day on the day we receive them. Our customers and employees understand that we all live in a busy world. The Sundown Rule is just one way we demonstrate that we care, and this is an integral part of our culture here at RMD.

It is our goal to help every customer succeed!

Do you value the same things? Be a part of our team! Apply on our careers page https://rockymountainsdistributing.com/rmd-careers/