Coffee enthusiasts, unite! If you’re on the hunt for new coffee spots in Colorado, dive into our carefully curated list featuring some of our esteemed customers across the state. From national brands to local gems marked with an asterisk, we’ve got your next coffee adventure covered.

Amante Coffee*  Locations: Denver, Boulder
Based in Boulder, Amante Coffee takes pride in roasting beans from Northern Italy, with a roaster carrying on a family tradition spanning over 50 years. Offering a variety of beans for home brewing, Amante features the TurboChef Encore 2 Rapid Cook Oven to prepare their enticing menu items in-store.

B’s Coffee*  257 Johnstown Center Dr. Suite 105, Johnstown, CO 80534
A local gem in Johnstown, B’s Coffee showcases local art while serving specialty drinks like candy cane, Hawaiian delight, or peach berry crumble. Enjoy them hot or cold, prepared with the Taylor 794 Soft Serve Freezer.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii  Locations: Colorado Springs, Denver, Peyton
Originating from the Big Island of Hawaii, Bad Ass Coffee quickly gained popularity with its Hawaiian coffee. Featuring the Taylor 428 Frozen Beverage Freezer, their blended coffee drinks are a fan favorite, complete with the iconic donkey mascot adorning shirts, mugs, hats, and more.

Black Rock Coffee Bar  Multiple locations: DTC, Littleton, Centennial, Parker, Castle Rock
Originating from the coffee capital of the US, the Pacific Northwest, Black Rock Coffee Bar has locations in multiple states, including Colorado. Indulge in sugar-free creations like The Caramel Blondie, Mexican Mocha, and the Jackhammer, while enjoying a warm bite prepared with care using the TurboChef Eco Oven.

Camp Hale Coffee*  Center Village in Copper Mountain
Planning a ski or snowboard trip to Copper Mountain? Don’t miss Camp Hale Coffee, offering spiked hot chocolate, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch subs, prepared with the TurboChef Eco Oven for the perfect après-ski experience.

Corvus Coffee*  Multiple locations: Denver, Arvada, Littleton, DTC
With five locations across the Denver Metro Area, Corvus Coffee invites you to savor local goodness. Offering coffee subscriptions and warm bites cooked in the TurboChef Eco Oven, Corvus is a must-visit for coffee aficionados.

Doppio Coffee*  1245 E Colfax Ave #105, Denver, CO 80218
Doppio Coffee goes beyond great coffee, offering an extensive menu with dishes like avocado toast, pesto chicken panini, and more. Prepared in the TurboChef i5 Oven and TurboChef NGO Rapid Cook Oven, their offerings are as diverse as they are delicious.

Dunkin’ Donuts  Multiple locations across Colorado
Dunkin’ Donuts, a staple in nearly every major city in Colorado, offers classic hot brewed coffee and Coolattas made from the Taylor MagnaBlend Frozen Beverage Blending Station. Indulge in munchkins and satisfy your Dunkin’ cravings.

Dutch Bros  Multiple locations across Colorado
A more recent fan favorite, Dutch Bros has rapidly expanded across 12 states, known for its friendly and chatty drive-through experience. Besides their beloved coffee, you can take home some of their coffee and stylish merch. Dutch Bros relies on Taylor Frozen Beverage Freezers, including the Taylor 342, 428, and 432 to serve up their frozen drinks.

coffee with sandwich on wooden tray

Forest Coffee*  15285 E Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora, CO 80015
Committed to creating a “place of your own,” Forest Coffee serves up delightful coffee and delectable food items. Cooked on the TurboChef NGC Rapid Cook Oven, their croissant sandwiches, paninis, and burritos are a must-try.

lil Coffea Shop Multiple locations in Denver
Nestled within the heart of Denver, lil Coffea Shop is more than just a coffee haven—it’s a beacon of community empowerment. Inspired by the vibrant spirit of our neighborhood, they are dedicated to delivering top-notch coffee and beverages that elevate the everyday experience. lil Coffea Shop features the TurboChef NGO Rapid Cook Oven to prepare their delectable lite bites and food offerings.

Lift Coffee Bar*  4800 Larimer Parkway, Johnstown, Colorado, 80534
Nestled in Northern Colorado, Lift Coffee Bar not only serves superb coffee but also aims to uplift the community. Armed with the Taylor 342 Frozen Beverage Freezer, they create coffee freezes, chillers, and smoothies to fuel your day.

Pigtrain Coffee Co.*  Located in Union Station in Denver
Derived from Conscious Coffee, a sustainable Colorado coffee roaster, Pigtrain Coffee Co. at Union Station offers a unique experience. With the TurboChef NGO Rapid Cook Oven, they prepare breakfast items, perfect to pair with their coffee cocktails like Irish Coffee or Boozy Coffee.

Solar Roast*  Locations: Pueblo, Colorado Springs
With an origin story involving two brothers and a satellite dish, Solar Roast innovatively uses solar-concentrated energy for roasting. Featuring the TurboChef NGC Rapid Cook Oven and the Taylor 794 and C713 Soft Serve Freezers, their coffee creations have taken off with continued innovations.

Steep Brewing & Coffee Co. Multiple locations in Keystone, CO
Discover an enticing blend of flavors at this vibrant establishment, where coffee roasting meets craft beer brewing. Their dedication to crafting exceptional coffee and superb beer is complemented by a delectable array of breakfast items, pizza, and après food offerings. Indulge in our tantalizing bites, expertly prepared using the state-of-the-art TurboChef Eco Oven.

The Bardo Multiple locations across the Denver Metro Area
Embraced by night owls, The Bardo Coffee House stands as Denver’s beloved late-night haven. Nestled within its walls are locally sourced treasures, crafted with care by local artisans. Open until the wee hours and welcoming the early risers, it’s a beacon of community and caffeinated delight. The Bardo features the TurboChef High Speed Countertop Convection Oven to warm up delicious bites. 

frozen coffee on table outside

The Human Bean  Locations: Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Wellington
Originating from Oregon, The Human Bean boasts franchises in 21 states, emphasizing real human connections through their drive-thru model. Using the Taylor 342 Frozen Beverage Freezer, they serve up frozen favorites and have a mission to give back to their communities.

Wild Coffee Roasters 704A Main St, Silt, CO
In 2022, Misty’s Coffee and Wild Coffee Roasters joined forces, vowing to maintain their legacy of exceptional coffee and community ambiance. The feature the TurboChef Eco Oven to serve up delectable coffee snacks.

Ziggi’s Coffee*  Multiple locations across the Denver Metro Area
Starting in Longmont, Colorado, in 2004, Ziggi’s Coffee has expanded into seven other states. Utilizing the Taylor 428 Frozen Beverage Freezer and the TurboChef NGO Rapid Cook Oven, Ziggi’s serves up a variety of blended drinks and delightful treats.

Embark on a journey to discover these hidden gems or support your local coffee shops. Many of them offer beans for home enjoyment or convenient subscription services. These coffee havens rely on Taylor Frozen Beverage Machines and TurboChef Ovens to create the magic. If you’re a business owner looking to elevate your food and beverage offerings, our sales team is ready to assist. Explore our range of equipment, including soft-serve ice cream machines, frozen beverage machines, commercial grills, and more. Already equipped? Check out our manufacturers to ensure top-notch service for all your brands, including Concordia and Synesso, both manufacturers of espresso machines.

Cheers to the perfect blend of community, connection, and caffeine!