BRAS equipment, made in Italy, are universal machines that make cold or hot products. The machines functions can produce ice cream, chilled desserts, creams, sherbet, granitas, drinks, natural beverages, cocktails, chocolate, soluble products, fillings, and toppings.

BRAS units first appeared in the mid 60’s in Italy on a countertop bar dispensing loose carbonated beverages. Fast forward to today, they are used for many functions other than FBM. BRAS takes pride in their sleek design where the product is completely visible from the outside walls of the unit and the product is equally mixed constantly.

E-coat is something the BRAS offers that can be added to any unit. Advantages to adding the e-coat are less condensation on the bowl surface, energy saving, easy installation, and removal, retrofit system on existing units, unchanged machine design, improved thermal efficiency, 100% visual and is a patented system.

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