With students returning to school give them even more of an incentive with our equipment in your establishment. We have equipment for every need. Cafeteria? Classroom? Staff lounge? Public or private events? We got you covered!

The cafeteria is great for any of our Taylor Grills, Taylor Soft Serve and Frozen Beverage units, Turbo Chef or Blodgett ovens, U-line refrigerators, or Evo ventless electric cook tops. All units are easy to use, making breakfast or lunchtime quick for both students and staff. The students will boast about having a soft serve unit at their school. They won’t stop coming back for more!

I know. You are probably thinking what other equipment that we offer would work at your establishment? Well, you would be pleasantly surprised with Bluezone by Middleby. Placing these units in your classroom will help you get ahead of the germs and semester sickness. Bluezone can be installed in the ceiling or standing tower placed anywhere! These units purify and kill up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air. Keep your students and staff safe this year with Bluezone.

We haven’t forgotten about the teachers and staff members. Make your staff lounge fully equip with a Concordia Coffee Machine! Brew fresh coffee every time for every staff member. Make your coffee exactly how you like it with the Concordia Coffee Machine. It will save teachers time in the morning and keeps them energized throughout their busy day.

All the equipment is great for public or private events!

You can get everything in one place with us! Product is also available to buy with our soft serve and frozen beverage units!

Treat your students and staff with all their hard work! Want to try before you buy or rent? Come to our showroom for unit demos! To schedule a time call 303.825.0171 or email sales@rmdcolorado.com