Here at RMD we want our customers to THRIVE! We offer auto-ship and brush butler cleaning programs. These two programs will save you time, money and ensure you are up-to-date on the maintenance of your machine.

The Brush Butler program has three options to choose from: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze maintenance being once a year, silver maintenance being twice a year and gold every month! We recommend the gold program because one of our Taylor certified technicians will come to your location once a month for an overall cleaning of your unit. Our tech will also install a tune-up kit every three months and PM kit once a year. It will save your staff time and will ensure you pass the sanitation section during inspection.

The auto-ship program is perfect to keep up with the maintenance of your machine. We will ship you a tune up kit every three months to change out the wearable items. No need to call for service, any of your staff members can do it! The simple change of the tune-up kit can prevent your machine from further damage and pricey repairs.

Don’t get caught up during sales-driven, busy service times, with a unit that is down. Sign up for one of these programs today to keep your Taylor equipment running efficiently! For more information., contact 800.758.1038 or visit