Rapid results perfectly cooked every time! Change the way you use commercial ovens with Turbo Chef! Turbo Chef are ventless rapid cook ovens that will decrease food wait times by more than 80%! Turbo Chef ovens have a built-in automated system that can be programmed to specific menu items and up to your business standards. Turbo Chef ovens cook food items from top and bottom air systems for equal temperatures throughout the entire product. With their precise bursts of RF energy and heat transfer rates, it ensures quality that cannot be compromised. Your cooking times will increase by 40-50% faster than standard commercial ovens.

Turbo Chef ovens by Middleby come in a variety of models to choose from that will best fit your operation. There are countertop and standing units including: ventless rapid cook ovens, conveyers, impingement ovens, fire pizza oven, and ventless automation three oven stack. They also offer consumables and accessories such as shelves, flash drives, oven extensions, kits, stacking brackets, menu cards, dividers and so much more.

Plexor A3 automated ventless ovens are a triple stack oven with three units combined that can be mixed and matched between other stacked ovens they offer. You can choose three different ovens or the same style oven which include: Impingement ovens, Convection Ovens, and Rapid Cook Ovens. Here are a few food items that go great with the different oven types. Impingement ovens are great for grilled salmon, grilled veggies, pizza, grilled chicken, cookies, egg rolls, etc. Convection Ovens are great for biscuits, croissants, etc. Lastly, Rapid Cook Ovens are great for chicken wings, sandwiches, etc. The Turbo Chef Plexor oven can all be controlled by one interface board and can easily be changed from one menu to another. They have an automated unloading and loading system. For the stack ovens there are only three electrical circuits, three plugs, three cords, three ovens with three footprints and all in one unit. Not a lot of things to get the unit running and will one oven use it is even less configurations. There are 6 quick easy steps to cook food items in any three ovens at the same time.

  1. Select your food item on the touch screen with the correct automated oven.
  2. Place the food you would like cooked in the module.
  3. Press start.
  4. The food is perfectly cooked.
  5. The module door automatically opens when done.
  6. Plate and enjoy!

Not to mention, these units are efficient and sustainable and will save energy. Make more with less! For more information, please visit https://rockymountainsdistributing.com/manufacturers/. Call Rocky Mountains Distributing for service on warranty and non-warranty Turbo Chef ovens! 800.758.1038. A part of Middleby Advantage!