We have exciting news!

Our lead times for Taylor grills have decreased! Get your equipment faster! From the time of order, they will be ready for installation within 10-12 weeks. Choose from any Taylor grills: one-platen, two-platen, three-platen, electric or gas, and the two new Taylor Crown Series grills.

Better things start here! The state-of-the-art Crown Series selection will change the efficiency of your kitchen. Choose from the Taylor Crown Series L858 three-platen electric double-sided grill or the L852 two-platen electric double-sided grill! The new technology will advance your operation over other competitors who don’t use Taylor equipment. With the reliability of Taylor grills, you will not want to use anything else! Taylor designed a smarter way to get things done in the kitchen. They’re easy to use, pre-programmable, and feature a two-sided design that cooks from both the top and bottom, delivering better results. Taste the difference for yourself! Not to mention, this will help with food safety and is a game changer with double the efficiency. These commercial grills are built to work twice as hard and make food 66% faster so you can serve fresh, made-to-order menu items. The pre-programmable cook settings have up to 75 menu item options. The technology of the Taylor grills is user-friendly with a touchscreen and the menu settings can be quickly updated with a USB port. There is little to no training needed for your staff which will reduce labor costs!

Interested in any Taylor foodservice equipment? Get in touch with our sales department for a quote at 720.591.9154 or email sales@rmdcolorado.com