Save money with Service Contracts!

Service contracts are Taylor equipment specific and are used for units that are newly installed. From the time of installation, there is a one-year warranty on every Taylor machine. With a service contract, you can get coverage for up to five years. Service contracts can be renewed one year at a time or in full.

We will remind you when the contract is ready for renewal. Our team members will send you an email 3 months before expiration and will follow up with you until the expiration date. So no need to worry on when it will expire, we got you covered and will keep you in the know! Not to mention, it is an easy process for renewal. All we need is an approval with what year you are purchasing and we will send you an invoice!

Warranty must be renewed before expiration date. The warranty covers limited parts and labor excluding operator error or wearable items. The big perk of signing up for a service contract is the labor being covered! This is a great way to save on equipment repairs!

For more information, please contact or call 800.758.1038!