Itaberco Craft Frozen Dessert Mixes

Ingredients for soft–serve, gelato, sorbetto, pastries, frozen yogurt, specialty drinks, flavors and other desserts!
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With over 75 years of combined experience, the team at Itaberco has developed a variety of mixes that surpass the criteria for developing authentic, Italian gelato and craft American ice-cream.

Itaberco’s core mixes range from a concentrated recipe to a complete pre-measured and ready-to-use solution. With the variety of bases that Itaberco provides, customers are offered the flexibility to select the product that works best for their staff and operation. 

Itaberco offers two kinds of base mixes for producing genuine gelato, ice cream, and sorbetto. In the Italian language, latte means milk, and frutta means fruit. Therefore, Base Latte (BL) is their designated milk base — used to produce creamy gelato or ice cream — and Base Frutta (BF),
our fruit base, is used to make refreshing sorbetto.

Itaberco Craft Frozen Dessert Products

Itaberco mixes are pre-measured in simple ratios to maintain traditional integrity while offering easy preparation. 

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Fruit Base 50

Milk Base 50

Fruit Base 60 (Organic Compliant)

Milk Base 100

Waffle Cone

Pre- Mixed Milk Base 350

Pre- Mixed Milk Base 500


Fruit Base 100

Pre- Mixed Fruit Base 350

Sugar-Free Base 505


Dairy Alternative Soft Serve


Dairy- Free






Yobase 24 Vanilla

Yobase 26 Chocolate

Yobase 30

Yobase 30 Dairy- Free

Yobase 33

57 Flavor Compounds

Itaberco offers 57 flavor compounds including mango, to add to there neutral based soft serve. Make any soft serve even more delicious with your favorite flavor!

Premium Sherbet For Innovative Desserts

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