Rocky Mountains Distributing parts department can help you find any part needed for repair in a jiff! Don’t know the part name or number, that’s OK! If you describe it to the best of your ability RMD’s parts department can figure out exactly what you need to succeed! The Rocky Mountains Distributing parts department takes orders via email and phone. To receive part orders, we offer a shipping option and pick up at our Englewood, Colorado office. If you are in a pickle but can’t make it in to pick up the part, we can ship it in the timeframe you select (prices may vary). You can receive a part within one business day if you choose! RMD’s stocked warehouse has Taylor, Zumex, Broaster, and Middleby Lines parts! Middleby Lines parts include Pitco, Concordia, Ultra Fryer, U-Line, Evo, Blodgett, Turbo Chef, and more! Parts also complete product orders. Products include: Itaberco, Flavor Burst syrups, Blackbird, Broaster foods, Dole, Cool Chiller, Frostline, and more! Machine products include Stera Sheen grill pad cleaner and Hydra Rinse sanitizing pods.

The Rocky Mountains Distributing parts department also handles all auto-ship orders. The auto-ship program is perfect to keep up with the maintenance of your machine. RMD’s parts department packages and ships a tune up kit, lube and blades every three months to change out wearable items on your Taylor soft serve machines. The simple change of the tune-up kit can prevent your machine from further damage and pricey repairs. Contact the parts department to get signed up!

Rocky Mountains Distributing Taylor parts and service departments work hand and hand. Part orders also come in from our Taylor certified technicians when they are in the field and do not have a spare part on their truck. The technician will place a parts order to pick up and return to your location to complete repairs. The RMD parts department also handles all the truck stock parts that every technician carries with them to their jobs.

If you are interested in a part-time parts coordinator role, RMD is hiring! To view the full job description or to apply please visit

The RMD parts department operating hours are Monday through Friday 7:30AM to 4:30PM. Contact us at 800.758.1038 or email You can also visit our website