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Our Growing List of Manufacturers:

ANETS – A Middleby Brand:
ANETS, a Middleby Brand, has been a pioneer in the foodservice equipment industry since 1937. Known for its thermostatically controlled counter fryer, ANETS continues to innovate with automatic lifts on gas fryers, pyrolytic self-cleaning char-broilers, and more.

Blodgett – A Middleby Brand:
As a leading manufacturer of commercial ovens since the late 1800s, Blodgett is a trusted name globally. From restaurants to hospitals, their commitment to quality ensures dependable products for diverse businesses.

Bluezone – A Middleby Brand:
Bluezone by Middleby introduces advanced indoor air purification technology, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. Their patented system, used by the U.S. military, destroys 99.9995% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and gases, setting a new standard for indoor air quality.

Originating in the U.S., Bras revolutionized beverage dispensing in Italy in the mid-sixties. From carbonated drinks to innovative transparent bowl machines, Bras expanded its product range to include frozen and hot beverage dispensers, earning global patents for innovations like the FBM line’s magnetic drive system.

Broaster Company offers a range of pressure fryers, prep stations, and merchandisers, providing trademark food program offerings without franchise fees. Their equipment is designed to support restaurant, grocery store, and convenience store owners in delivering quality food.

Bunn embraces cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled beverage experiences. From home brewers to commercial solutions, including coffee and iced tea brewers, superautomatic espresso machines, and more, Bunn covers the entire spectrum. With a commitment to quality, their portfolio extends to liquid coffee dispensers, gourmet ice systems, and precise temperature water solutions, ensuring each cup is a masterpiece of innovation and excellence.

Carter-Hoffmann – A Middleby Brand:
Established in 1947, Carter-Hoffmann started with banquet carts and evolved into leaders in food holding and transport. From modular holding cabinets to innovative solutions like Crisp ‘N Hold stations, their diverse product line meets various food storage and preparation needs.

Concordia Beverage Systems – A Middleby Brand:
Concordia Beverage Systems leads in bean-to-cup coffee and espresso technology. Their patented fully automatic espresso delivery system, combined with milk steaming and coffee grinding/brewing, sets the standard for innovation, customization, and outstanding service.

Desmon – A Middleby Brand:
Desmon specializes in professional refrigeration equipment, offering over 300 refrigerator and freezer models. From Blast Chillers to Walk-in panels, Desmon focuses on building long-lasting equipment with high-end quality components and environmental certifications.

Evo – A Middleby Brand:
Evo, founded in 2001, crafts top-notch cooking equipment for commercial and residential spaces. Notable products include the EVent® ventless griddle and the Affinity front-of-house cooktop, celebrated for quality and energy-efficient cooking solutions.

Frigomat, with over fifty years of experience, designs and produces ice cream machines, serving as a technological partner for ice cream and pastry makers. Their constant research and commitment to quality ensure innovative technology applied to artisan tradition.

Hydra Rinse – A Middleby Brand:
Hydra Rinse revolutionizes the cleaning and sanitizing process of frozen dessert dispensing equipment with revolutionary technology. This environmentally friendly solution ensures thorough cleaning while reducing water consumption.

ICETRO – A Middleby Brand:
ICETRO, a global leader in ice machines and soft serve equipment for commercial foodservice, brings over 40 years of experience. Their commitment to tradition and reputation is symbolized by the word “MAESTRO,” delivering pride and spirit to customers.

Instant Burger – A Broaster Brand:
Instant Burger cooks great-tasting burgers evenly without flipping or splattering grease. With a compact design, it requires minimal counter space, making it an efficient solution for quick and delicious food production.

MagnaBlend – A Taylor by Middleby Brand:
MagnaBlend, a revolutionary quick-service blender, redefines blending efficiency. With a 9-second blend time, customizable menus, and breakthrough magnetic technology, it ensures consistent delivery of delicious frozen beverages.

Marsal Pizza Ovens – A Middleby Brand:
Marsal, revolutionizing the pizza industry for over 40 years, manufactures restaurant equipment with exclusive left-to-right burner design and 2″ thick brick cooking surface. Their commitment is to be recognized as “Simply the Best!”

Middleby Marshall – A Middleby Brand:
Middleby Marshall is a world leader in conveyor ovens, known for the award-winning WOW! Oven™. With over 130 years of innovation, Middleby Marshall offers faster cooking speeds, consistent baking, and energy savings, making it the top choice for pizza chains and independent operators.

Pitco – A Middleby Brand:
Pitco, the industry leader in fryers and oil management for over 100 years, provides quality frying solutions with innovative features like Integrated Oil Management system, auto filtration, and smart sensors for measurable cost savings and improved food quality.

RAM – A Taylor by Middleby Brand:
The RAM dispenses frozen food, cooking it from a frozen state to enhance product quality, consistency, and yield.

Smokaroma – A Broaster Brand:
The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker combines pressure cooking with pressure smoking for deliciously juicy, smoked foods. With a compact design and fast operation, it increases productivity and reduces shrinkage.

Synesso – A Middleby Brand:
Synesso, born of the desire for the most temperature-stable commercial espresso machine, is dedicated to producing barista-friendly, dependable, and responsive equipment. Handcrafted in Seattle, each machine is a testament to cutting-edge research and development.

Taylor – A Middleby Brand:
Taylor Company, an industry leader in foodservice equipment, manufactures technologically innovative and versatile equipment for frozen desserts, beverages, and grilled specialties. With a commitment to building lasting relationships, Taylor Company provides top-notch support worldwide.

TurboChef – A Middleby Brand:
TurboChef Technologies, Inc. has pioneered rapid cooking since 1991, designing versatile, user-friendly, and energy-efficient rapid-cook ovens. With global technical support and a culinary team, TurboChef ensures exceptional support for implementing their ovens into foodservice operations.

U-Line – A Middleby Brand:
U-Line Commercial products, a favorite of major coffee chains and restaurants, offer commercial refrigeration and ice solutions for both back and front of the house. With a history dating back to 1962, U-Line is known for its reliability and quality.

Ultrafryer – A Middleby Brand:
Ultrafryer, expertly built in the heart of Texas, provides the foodservice industry’s most powerful, reliable, and cost-effective deep frying solution. With user-friendly features, Ultrafryer ensures consistently superior fried foods for customers.

Zumex delivers maximum performance for cafés and bars with a high juice demand. If you are looking for simplicity and functionality, Zumex makes it easy. We provide the best restaurant juicers so your business never stops. Freshly squeezed juice in your breakfasts, brunches, or picnics thanks to our most iconic models.

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