In the bustling world of freshly squeezed orange juice, Zumex stands out for its innovative solutions and commitment to quality. Founded in 1985, this Spanish company has revolutionized the way we produce and consume fresh juice. With a presence in over 100 countries, Zumex commercial juicers are synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

As your trusted partner, Rocky Mountains Distributing serves as the official Zumex distributor and service provider in Colorado and southern Wyoming. In this blog, we’ll talk about the different Zumex machines, highlighting their special features and advantages.

Essential Pro

Essential Pro is designed for simplicity, performance, and extreme hygiene. It offers automated juicing with options for self-service or continuous use through an anti-drip tap. This Zumex orange juice machine, incorporates ASP®(Antibacterial Silver Polymer) nanotechnology, ensuring higher juice yield and inhibiting bacterial growth. This model suits medium consumption needs and can handle fruits up to 81 mm in diameter, juicing 22 fruits per minute with a 10-liter waste capacity.


Mastery is Zumex’s commercial cold press juicer, designed for maximum juice extraction from fruits and vegetables. It features a powerful brushless motor and an 11-ton stainless steel press, producing up to 110 liters of juice per hour. The ergonomic design includes a touch screen for easy control and customization of juicing programs, ensuring high efficiency and safety.


The Minex juicer is tailored for small establishments like cafes and bakeries, available in 12 colors to match any business decor. It adapts the Original System® for smaller spaces, ensuring reliability and hygiene with ASP® antibacterial nanotechnology. The Minex can operate in self-service mode with a non-drip tap or use a built-in jar for easy serving, delivering juice in just 15 seconds with a waste capacity of 4.5 liters.


The Multifruit juicer is a versatile commercial juicer designed to handle any fruit or vegetable, from apples to pineapples, celery, and carrots, using its titanium shredding disc. This juicer operates non-stop for 24 hours with a brushless motor that is four times superior to conventional motors, ensuring no friction or heat release that could alter the juice’s taste. The Speed Control System maintains a constant speed, adapting to each fruit or vegetable type while consuming less energy than other commercial juicers. It includes features such as an Easy Grip anti-drip tap for better hygiene and a large waste container with a 13-liter capacity.


The PineOmatic is designed for easy and efficient pineapple processing, allowing customers to enjoy freshly cut pineapple with minimal waste. It features a user-friendly interface with a display for instructional videos and maintenance guidance. Capable of handling up to 40 pineapples, it operates at 30 seconds per pineapple, making it ideal for high-consumption areas.

Soul Series 2

The Soul Series 2 is a compact and intelligent commercial juicer. It features Smart Juicing technology for real-time performance monitoring, remote management, and maintenance alerts. The Conical System® offers a reduced yet highly efficient juicing process, supported by ASP® nanotechnology with silver ions for maximum food safety. This juicer can handle citrus fruits ranging from 42 to 81 mm in diameter, offering fast and easy juice extraction with a 1Step Case Out for simplified cleaning.

Speed Pomegranates

The Speed Pomegranates juicer is specialized for pomegranate juice, featuring a titanium blade to cut tough husks and a redesigned PulpOut system for efficient seed removal. It handles up to 100 kg of pomegranates continuously, juicing 30 fruits per minute. This high-performance model is easy to use and clean, and designed for very high consumption needs.

Speed S+Plus

Speed S+Plus is the top choice for high-demand businesses like supermarkets and hotels. It boasts the new NSF-certified 1Step Kit for easy cleaning, a sturdy self-service tap, and an automatic PulpOut system with triple filtration. This Zumex juicer machine, offers the highest performance, handling 40 fruits per minute with a 20 kg feeder capacity and a 15-liter waste capacity.

Speed Up

Speed Up is designed for very high consumption environments, offering the best performance with the new Top Performance juicing unit. It features an easy-to-clean tap, an automatic PulpOut system to prevent blockages, and dual operation modes for self-service and professional use. The wheeled podium is available in different finishes, and the juicer handles 40 fruits per minute with a 15-liter waste capacity.

Versatile Pro

Versatile Pro offers complete autonomy in a compact design, with a 16 kg feeder capacity and a new PulpOut system to handle continuous juicing without interruptions. The 1Step M Kit allows for easy removal and cleaning of the juicing unit, which features ASP® antibacterial technology. This model is perfect for high-consumption areas and can switch between self-service and professional modes, handling 22 fruits per minute with a 10-liter waste capacity.


The Zumex Zitrux sets a new benchmark in the commercial juicing industry with its groundbreaking self-cleaning and sanitizing capabilities. Unlike any other juicer on the market, the Zitrux eliminates the labor-intensive task of daily disassembly and manual cleaning. This revolutionary feature ensures that the machine remains hygienic and operational with minimal intervention, significantly reducing maintenance time and labor costs. Operators will no longer need to say, “I spend a lot of time cleaning it every day,” as the Zitrux takes care of itself, making what once seemed impossible, now possible.

In addition to its unparalleled self-cleaning technology, the Zitrux is equipped with a robust load capacity of 75 kg for oranges and an automatic elevator system, allowing it to handle up to 120 liters of waste. This ensures continuous operation and minimal downtime, ideal for high-demand environments. This juicer unit maximizes juice yield per kilogram of fruit, processing up to 40 fruits per minute. The Smart Juicing technology provides real-time data and remote monitoring capabilities, allowing operators to track juice production, maintenance schedules, and sanitization cycles effortlessly. The contactless tap further enhances hygiene, making the Zitrux the ultimate choice for businesses seeking efficiency, cleanliness, and high-quality juice production.

Zumex’s extensive range of products and services make them a go-to choice for businesses seeking high-quality juicing solutions. Whether you’re a small cafe looking for a reliable juicer or a large-scale operation wanting to add to your kitchen equipment lineup, Zumex has the perfect solution for you. Contact our sales team today to learn more about Zumex juicers!