Ice is essential in almost every foodservice setting, from restaurants and bars to coffee shops, hospitals, and nursing homes. But did you know that your Icetro ice maker can get surprisingly dirty if not maintained regularly? It’s crucial to clean your ice machine and storage bin frequently to avoid issues like mold, rust, and slime buildup.

Why Cleaning Your Ice Machine Matters
Ice is classified as food by the FDA, meaning it needs to be handled and cared for just like other food products. Regardless of the type of commercial ice machine you have—nugget ice maker, modular, or undercounter ice maker—regular cleaning is essential. Proper maintenance helps prevent the development of scale, slime, and mold, ensuring your ice remains safe for consumption and protecting your customers from potential harm.

You should clean and sanitize your ice machine at least once every six months. This process involves both cleaning and sanitizing to prevent ice from sticking to the evaporator, which can lead to freeze-ups, longer harvest times, reduced ice production, and costly repairs.

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Icetro Ice Maker
If you notice any of the following issues, it’s time to clean your machine:

  • Slow or no ice release
  • Failure to cycle into harvest mode
  • Poor ice quality (soft or unclear)
  • Shallow or incomplete ice cubes
  • Low ice capacity

Pre-Cleaning Guidelines
Before diving into the cleaning and sanitization procedures, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Clean your Icetro ice machine every six months.
  • If more frequent cleaning is needed, consult a service company to test your water quality—water treatment may be necessary.
  • Follow the instructions in your commercial ice maker’s manual.
  • Use manufacturer-approved cleaner and sanitizer solutions.
  • Discard all ice produced during cleaning and sanitizing, and throw out the first batch made afterward.
  • Do not mix cleaner and sanitizer solutions.
  • Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when handling solutions.
  • Follow all instructions and cautions on the solution bottles.
  • Know your equipment: nugget and flake machines may require extra attention due to more moving parts. Be aware of your machine’s material to avoid using harmful chemicals.

How to Clean Your Icetro Ice Machine
Ice machine cleaner removes lime scale and mineral deposits, while the sanitizer disinfects and removes algae and slime. Always descale your machine first and refer to your manual for precise instructions.

  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Remove and clean the filter mesh from the water valve.
  3. Turn the power back on.
  4. Set the machine to clean mode.
  5. Add cleaner to the water sump and let it circulate to remove scale.
  6. Turn the machine off once scale is removed.
  7. Clean the water distribution tube with a soft brush.
  8. Turn the machine back on.
  9. Flush the machine through two short cycles without ice to remove all cleaner.
  10. Repeat with sanitizer to kill bacteria, then flush and remove all sanitizer.
  11. Wipe down the machine’s interior walls.
  12. Rinse with clean water to remove sanitizer from the walls.
  13. Ensure all cleaners are flushed out and fresh water is in the sump.
  14. Switch the machine to ice mode.
  15. Discard the first batch of ice made after cleaning.

Maintaining a clean ice machine is vital for ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers. Regular cleaning and sanitizing not only prevent potential health hazards but also enhance the efficiency and longevity of your machine. Don’t wait for issues to arise—take proactive steps to keep your Icetro ice machine in top condition.

Ready to ensure your customers get the best ice in town? Consider investing in an Icetro ice machine today for reliable performance and easy maintenance. Download our Icetro ice machine catalog or contact our sales team today for more details!