Itaberco has developed a variety of American made dessert mixes with quality ingredients. It’s a ready-to- go use solution that is offered to customers where they can select the product that works best for them. The base mixes are designed for Italian gelato, ice cream and sorbetto. Mixes are used for custard, soft serve, frozen yogurt, specialty drinks, and pastries as well.

There are 10 mixes for gelato, ice cream and sorbetto: fruit base 50, 60 (organic compliant), 100, 350, waffle base, pre-mixed milk base 500 and 350, milk base 50, 100, sugar-free base 505. 6 soft serve mixes include: acai, dairy alternative, chocolate, vanilla, neutral and diary-fee. 3 custard base mixes include: chocolate, neutral, and vanilla. 6 frozen yogurt mixes include: Yobase 24 vanilla, 26 chocolate, 30, 30 dairy-free, and 33.

Not to mention, there is 57 flavor compounds to choose from that can be added in any dessert to make it even more delicious! To see all 57 flavors please visit

Our Product Showcase coming up on October 27th will be giving out free samples of the Itaberco soft serve in Chai and Dulce De Leche flavors. Itaberco also offers 10 different flavors of Blackbird Specialty Cocktail mixes which include: frose, pina colada, sangria, neutral, ginger, bitters, margarita, mojito, spicy margarita, and citrus. We will be using the Blackbird Specialty Cocktail mixes at our Showcase. The cocktail free samples include frozen flavors: pumpkin mocktinis, apple cider mojitos, ginger snap, vodka cranberry, and orange crush. Badass Coffee Granita Kooler is now on the menu too! Come by from 10am to 5pm, you won’t want to miss this!

Check out Itaberco to see how the premium desserts can enhance your business today! RMD has Itaberco and Blackbird products in stock! For more information, please call 800.758.1038 or email us