Discover the cutting-edge innovation of Taylor’s latest commercial grills – the Crown Series Grills, including the impressive L858 and L852 models. The L858, a three-platen electric double-sided grill, and the L852, a two-platen electric double-sided grill, redefine the culinary experience with breakthrough features designed to elevate your kitchen’s efficiency and food quality.

Key Features:

  1. Self-Adjusting Excellence:
  • Taylor’s Crown Series Grills boast self-adjusting plates and independent cook zones, ensuring unparalleled precision in every dish. With a 50% faster cooking time compared to standard flat tops, these grills deliver not just speed but uncompromising quality.
  1. Pre-programmed Efficiency:
  • Pre-programmable for over 50 menu items, the Crown Series Grills simplify your kitchen operations. A one-touch menu selection configures the grill to the optimal time, temperature, and gap settings for each specific product, ensuring consistently precise cooking.
  1. Innovative Platens:
  • True Parallel Auto Leveling: Automatic leveling of platens with each use enhances food quality through consistent and accurate gap settings.
  • Upper Platens: The upper and lower platens meet in the middle for faster cooking, with the added flexibility of manual or automatic closing based on programmed gap settings.
  1. Programmable Controls:
  • One-touch button control: The grill’s programmable menu allows you to customize cook time, gap parameters, and temperature for individual menu items. Say goodbye to constant adjustments and hello to increased flexibility and crew efficiency.
  1. Optimized Cooking Zones:
  • Independent Platen Cooking Zones: Separate zones offer energy-saving options during slower periods, allowing flexible cleaning and preprogramming of different settings for various foods throughout the day.
  1. Enhanced Safety and Maintenance:
  • Wrap-around Release Material: Easy-to-install upper platen release material protects the cooking surface and simplifies cleaning.
  • Safety Features: Automatic opening during power loss or obstruction detection ensures a secure kitchen environment.
  1. Global Support:
  • Sales, Service, and Parts Distribution: Choosing Taylor means access to comprehensive support. Rocky Mountains Distributing serves Colorado and southeast Wyoming, while Taylor’s global network connects you with distributors worldwide.

Taylor Crown Series 3 platen grill

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