Choosing the right commercial ice machine is crucial for improving efficiency and keeping customers happy in the ever-changing world of food service equipment. Among many options, Icetro America is a compelling choice, offering a blend of reliability, innovation, and quality ice.

With roots tracing back to 1981, Icetro America benefits from substantial experience in the industry. As part of Middleby, a well-known global company, Icetro brings extensive experience in adding ice to its lineup.

Advantages of Icetro Versus the Competition

Unmatched Efficiency and Operating Costs
Icetro ice machines aren’t just about making ice; they redefine efficiency. Icetro models are Energy Star® qualified, ensuring lower operational costs for your business. The hallmark of Icetro machines lies in the innovative 3-way exhaust ventilation system. While competitors’ one-way systems struggle against walls, reducing ice production, Icetro machines excel with top and dual-side ventilation, promoting exceptional airflow and uninterrupted ice production.

Superior Quiet Operation
Where noise reduction is concerned, Icetro sets the standard. Icetro ice machines operate slightly above a whisper at 46.1dB, far quieter than the usual 60dB conversation level, ensuring your customers’ experience remains serene and undisturbed. The strategic design means you have flexibility in placement, without the worry of noise interference.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning
At Rocky Mountains Distributing, we believe maintenance shouldn’t be a chore and neither does Icetro. Icetro ice makers feature easily accessible hinged front panels and a magnetic-framed electrostatic air filter. Internal components, including the water distributor tube and sump, are designed for tool-free removal, making routine cleaning straightforward. The intuitive control panel and flexible numeric display enhance troubleshooting, making service checks a breeze.

These machines also feature an ABS antimicrobial interior that curbs slime build-up and reduces cleaning costs, complemented by a durable, non-corrosive base that extends the machine’s lifespan.

Durable Construction
Durability is at the core of Icetro’s design philosophy. Icetro machines boast high-quality ABS plastic, thick curtain hangers, and exterior panels crafted from 304 stainless steel. These components are not only built to last but also designed for ease of replacement, like the individually replaceable curtain hangers, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness.

Range of Equipment
Icetro America provides a comprehensive selection of ice machines tailored for various settings and needs. Modular ice machines are built for high-volume production, ideal for establishments like restaurants and bars, producing large amounts of ice from 300 to 2000 pounds daily and featuring various cooling options. These ice makers will sit on top of an Icetro storage bin for the ice to dispense into and can be scooped out to serve.

Undercounter ice makers, fitting snugly under standard countertops, are perfect for smaller venues, producing up to 300 pounds of ice per day with integrated storage. Dispensing ice machines cater to self-service environments such as hotels and cafeterias, delivering ice directly into cups and offering models that produce nugget ice and dispense filtered water.

Nugget ice makers, also known as pellet ice makers, are versatile, available in modular, dispensing, and undercounter configurations, favored in healthcare and dining for their soft, chewable ice.

Additionally, flake ice machines specialize in producing light, flaky ice, suitable for food displays and healthcare applications, with options including modular units and machines designed for making snow cones or shaved ice desserts.

Icetro also offers premium ice makers for your home use, providing the convenience of luxury ice right at your fingertips. You can look through the entire lineup of models along with Icetro’s dispensers and storage bins in our Icetro ice machine catalog.

Icetro Ice Machine Warranty
Icetro offers superior extensive and additional warranties for their entire range of commercial ice makers, delivering confidence to customers while potentially minimizing costs over time. Moreover, Icetro’s commitment is evident through its specialized service network that ensures access to trained and certified technicians.

Investing in an Icetro ice maker brings numerous advantages over other brands. Renowned for its legacy, innovation, and customer-centricity, it is the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable ice solutions. Icetro America stands poised to elevate the performance of foodservice operations across diverse industries.

As a distributor of Icetro, Rocky Mountains Distributing is available for Icetro tech support, available 24/7 with our around-the-clock service technicians. We also have Icetro parts and accessories like water filters whenever you need them.

If you want to see more equipment from Icetro like slush machines and soft serve machines, you can download our Icetro catalog. Contact our sales team today if you’re thinking about purchasing Icetro equipment! We’re excited to help your business thrive.