At Rocky Mountains Distributing, we proudly offer top-notch equipment from Broaster Company. Known for its innovative solutions, Broaster provides a range of commercial pressure fryers, ventless fryers, the Instant Burger grill, and the Smokaroma smoker. In addition to equipment, they also provide full food programs such as Genuine Broaster Chicken, Broaster Express, and Rock County Smokehouse. This helps business owners of restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores offer high-quality, fast food options.

Let’s explore each piece of equipment:

E Series Pressure Fryers

E Series 24G Pressure Fryer:

If you’re looking for the best commercial pressure fryer, then look no further! The 24G is a 2024 Kitchen Innovations Award Winner. This fryer works super efficiently. It cooks a high volume of chicken quickly, saves energy, and is easy to keep clean. It also has a filter that makes the oil last longer, and it does some jobs automatically, saving on labor costs. It’s small but can handle a lot of food, making it perfect for busy kitchens.

E-Series 18G Pressure Fryer:

This fryer is great for busy kitchens. It makes tasty, juicy chicken while needing less work from staff. It saves energy and is easy to keep clean, thanks to its smart design. From classic fried chicken to new recipes, this fryer does it all.

Broaster fryers not only cook chicken but can cook other yummy fried foods like french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and more. This a great fryer for restaurants or bars wanting to offer other enticing menu items.

mozarella sticks

Ventless Fryers

VF-2 & VF-3 Ventless Countertop Fryers:

If you want an electric fryer for your restaurant, the Broaster ventless fryers are a great option. These fryers are easy to use and safe. They are strong and do some tasks by themselves, making them reliable and efficient. They are small, so they fit well in small and busy kitchens. Whether it’s fries or chicken, these fryers cook it perfectly every time.

The main difference between the VF-2 and VF-3 ventless countertop fryers is how much oil they hold and how much mess they can handle. The VF-2 holds 14 pounds of oil and can catch spills of up to 15 cups, which is good for smaller kitchens. Meanwhile, the VF-3 holds 21 pounds of oil and can catch spills of up to 22.5 cups, which is better for bigger kitchens. So, it depends on how much cooking you need to do and how much space you have in your kitchen.

burger and fries with sauce

Instant Burger

This grill makes cooking burgers easy. It cooks them evenly without needing much work from staff. It’s small and simple to use, saving time and effort. Whether it’s burgers or veggies, this grill gets the job done right.


The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker is a special kind of cooker that combines pressure cooking and smoking. It makes food taste juicy and full of flavor in no time at all. It’s small and runs on electricity, so it fits well in any kitchen. It’s easy to use and saves time, making it perfect for making smoked dishes quickly and easily.

Ready to experience the excellence of Broaster equipment for yourself? Visit our showroom for a firsthand demonstration of these restaurant fryers and indulge in some tasty snacks while you’re here. Contact our sales team today to start your fried food journey with Broaster Company.