Our employee core value awards came in! The three award symbols were a G.O.A.T, a bomb, and a rock hand, each tailored toward a specific core value.

Our core values are:

1. Customer-Focused (Rock Hand): We will passionately go the extra mile to make people’s lives a little easier and a little better. –Sundown Rule (G.O.A.T): We strive to answer any requests by the end of the business day on the day we receive them.

2. Hungry (G.O.A.T) : We are eager to do our best.

3. Innovation (Bomb): Cultivating new ideas. Visionary. Creating better services, products and processes propelling RMD forward.

4. Spark (Bomb): We are positive, genuine, friendly, enjoyable, and respectful.

5. Team (Rock Hand): We are selfless and patient with others.

Here are a couple of our team members holding their awards! #builttoserve