From shakes and smoothies to frozen cocktails, blended coffees, and tea slushes, crafting the perfect frozen beverage is an art form, balancing flavor, temperature, and consistency. Taylor Company’s frozen beverage equipment combines innovation with user-friendly designs to deliver delicious drinks with ease, time after time.

With Taylor’s extensive experience in designing and engineering top-tier restaurant equipment, they’ve perfected the recipe for versatile, reliable, and consistently great beverages. Let’s dive into the features and benefits that make the Taylor 428 frozen beverage machine a game-changer in the world of frozen drinks.

High-Capacity Freezing Cylinders and Mix Hopper

The Taylor 428 boasts a 4-quart (3.8 liters) freezing cylinder and a 12-quart (11.4 liters) mix hopper, keeping ingredients fresh below 41°F. This machine can produce 5-6 10oz drinks before needing to recover and serves up to 10 gallons of frozen product per hour. With its impressive capacity and speed, the Taylor 428 ensures the party doesn’t have to pause often.

Versatility and Ease of Use for Any Menu

Approved for both dairy and non-dairy products, the Taylor 428 frozen drink machine offers the flexibility to craft an enticing menu that keeps customers coming back. Preparation is a breeze—simply premix your ingredients, pour, and let the machine do the rest. Thanks to the Add Mix and Mix Out lights, you maintain full control, ensuring smooth operation and preventing any potential damage. Your staff can confidently stay ahead of the rush, knowing that the straightforward operation and intuitive alerts have them covered.

Precision Consistency Control for Perfect Drinks

The Taylor 428 features Automatic Consistency Control, a unique viscosity system that ensures your beverages maintain the highest quality and consistency, regardless of ambient temperature. This precision enables you to craft a wide range of frozen beverages with your preferred consistency, ensuring each drink is a perfect blend of flavor and texture. The predictable mouthfeel and viscosity of these delicious frozen beverages can set your brand apart.

Sleek Design That Attracts Customers

The Taylor 428 not only performs exceptionally but also looks fantastic. Each unit is designed with eye-catching downlighting at the dispensing door to highlight the beverage display area. You have the option to use the standard beverage cling or customize it to match your space’s decor, providing a visual allure that invites customers to explore your diverse and flavorful drink offerings.

Maximize Your Frozen Beverage Potential

The Taylor 428 is a crucial addition for any business aiming to enhance its beverage menu, increase output, and improve profitability. Its adaptability, dependability, and stylish design make it indispensable, turning your establishment into a go-to spot for irresistible frozen beverages.

Interested in trying out a Taylor frozen beverage machine? Visit our test kitchen for a demonstration! You can even experiment with your recipes while you’re here. With 428 units in stock, now is the perfect time to explore how the Taylor 428 can enhance your offerings. Check out our frozen beverage profit calculator below to see how the Taylor 428 can boost your profits. Contact our sales team to learn more today!