RMD is coming into the new year unstoppable! We have expanded the equipment we service. Did you know we service Concordia units?

Concordia units are one-button, bean-to-cup super-automatic commercial espresso machines that grind, brew, and steam milk as a professional barista does.

There are multiple units to choose from that will fit your operation. Concordia units are not limited to restaurant or hotel use; they are also great for your corporate offices! Give your employees something to look forward to every morning and save them a stop at Starbucks! Delight them with a fast, easy-to-use unit that supplies unlimited refills and is free of charge. Thank them for all their hard work and believe us, they will thank you in return!

Our certified technicians have your back for any unit repairs and will ensure your unit runs efficiently. Call for service on your existing unit at 800.758.1038 or email sales@tayloroftherockies.com about purchasing a Concordia unit. Visit our website at https://rockymountainsdistributing.com/manufacturers/.