Blackbird Specialty Beverage Mixes are hand crafted by mixologists and taste amazing! The product is developed with premium, organic, and natural ingredients. RMD are proud users of the cocktails mixes and recommended them to all customers.

There are 10 mixes to choose from: bitters, citrus, frose, ginger, margarita, mojito, pina colada, sangria, neutral, and spicy margarita. On the drink blackbird website there are plenty of recipes to try. RMD’s October 27th Product Showcase is coming up and we will be using these mixes to create fall flavored cocktails. The fall flavors will be a pumpkin mocktini and bourbon apple cider. The used product will be Blackbird neutral and ginger.

Put in any Taylor Frozen Beverage Dispensers with your cocktail mix of choice and boom you have a delicious frozen beverage that will have your customers asking for more! So simple and so easy to use!

We have the mixes in stock for you to purchase now! For more information, please visit or call 800.758.1038.