Auto-Ship Replacement Parts

Proactive parts replacement program for your Taylor equipment.

Program Schedule

Our Auto-Ship programs are scheduled according to your account type. Give us a call to find out which is the most appropriate schedule for your location.

When you sign up to get your auto-shipment you’ll receive your parts on the following schedule:


  • 3 Month: August, November, February, May
  • 6 Month: November, May

National Accounts

  • 3 Month: September, December, March, June
  • 6 Month: December, June 

Retail Accounts

  • 3 Month: January, April, July, October
  • 6 Month: January, July


Wear Items Replaced

Reduce downtime and help prevent costly repairs by replacing your equipment’s wearable parts on time and on schedule.

Every 3 Months

  • Tune Up Kit (O-Rings, Gaskets, Bearings)
  • Taylor Lube
  • Brush Kit

Every 6 Months

  • Scraper Blades
  • Sanitizer

By replacing these components regularly, you help prevent damage to the beater motor, compressor and other expensive components.

We can also customize your auto-shipment for your particular needs!

When your parts arrive it’s a reminder that your equipment is due for its regular maintenance!


Teflon Sheets (NEW!)

What are Teflon Sheets?

Teflon release sheets are a non-stick barrier used to protect the platen and cook surface.

We recommend replacing your Teflon sheets every two weeks.

• Reduces labor costs
• Guaranteed OEM
• More consistent product taste profile
• Almost certainly eliminates carbon build-up
• Easy to clean with warm water and soap
• Ensures long-lasting non-stick grill performance

Add OEM Teflon sheets to your 90-day auto-ship program! Purchase our Teflon sheets for your Taylor grill direct from RMD.

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More Service Programs to Meet Your Needs

How can we help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape in order maximize uptime and profit?

Equipment Refurbishing

Our expert technicians refurbish your equipment with genuine parts, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Complete Rebuilds

If your equipment isn’t running properly we can completely rebuild it and replace worn out and malfunctioning parts!

Steam Cleaning

Let us clean your machine to make it shine like new. Clean machines produce less heat and operate more efficiently.

Extended Warranties

We can warranty your equipment and cover the cost of repairs and maintenance along with guarantees for our work!

Preventive Maintenance

Similar to oil changes and tune-ups on automobiles, preventive maintenance is both necessary and reasonably inexpensive. The benefits of being enrolled in our Preventive Maintenance Program include:

  • More equipment uptime and increased capacity
  • Better product yields and increased sales
  • Longer lifetimes for costly components like beater motors, compressors and beater assemblies
  • Higher quality product output for your customers’ enjoyment

The program requires replacement of rubber seals and bearings every three to four months, depending on the equipment type and usage. Replacement of scraper blades, proper lubrication, sanitization and cleaning is also necessary for proper preventative maintenance.

The Preventative Maintenance Program goes hand–in–hand with our Auto–Ship Program. Contact our team today and we will get you on the right programs and schedule for your equipment! 

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