Our Test Kitchen is Open to the Public!

Our commercial test kitchen is open to the public! Test out all the latest restaurant equipment including but not limited to Taylor, Broaster, Zumex, Flavorburst, Bunn, Magna Blend and more! Located in Englewood, Colorado, call us to schedule a demo today! (800)-758-1038.

We are hosting an open house in our show room August 25th, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Come check out all our exciting equipment, products, and supplies! Featuring the Broaster Ventless Fryer and Pressure Fryer, and the McDonalds Single Platen Grill. We will be serving soft serve, shakes, fried chicken, burgers, sides, and hand-crafted Blackbird Frozen Beverages as well. See you there!

Published by Kirsten Krause

July 7, 2022


RMD Showroom